Egyptian peace activist says he’s facing prison

Here’s a disturbing Facebook post from Ahmed Meligy of Alexandria, a strong supporter of peace between Egypt and Israel, founder of Yala, a forum of young leaders working for Mideast peace, and a strong critic of Egypt’s new president, military strongman Abdel Fattah al-Sisi:

First of all a big THANK YOU from my Heart to all my Caring FRIENDS who is worried about me cause of my Offline statues and my Absence in the past 2 weeks.

The reasons why I was offline is that there is a probability that my time is coming to an end,
As most of you know I was Arrested last October and released on Bail, the sad news is that my TRIAL is on July 20th and I am facing a probable prison time of 3 to 7 Years on charges that I never committed, My Only CRIME is that I simply want PEACE in the region with my Neighbours and that I want Justice for my Egypt,

I am flying to Spain tomorrow to attend a Peace conference for one week then I will come back to my Egypt and face my Destiny, it might be the last Peace event that I join then being thrown to Jail for God knows how long, I wont escape it or seek Asylum because I Love my Egypt even if she doesnt love me back, If seeking PEACE is a crime then I will be a very Proud Peace Criminal with no shame or Fear of the consequences of my choices and Actions.

I LOVE You all and I am very Grateful for everything you have done for me, My 3 Years work for Peace was the best thing that I have ever had in my life knowing that I have a purpose by doing the Right thing, I have no Regrets and I am very Proud of what I do.

God bless you all and it has been an Honour and Privilege knowing you all, Wish me Strength and pray for me to stay Strong 

Here’s an excerpt of his latest article in the Jerusalem Post:

The media here have put the fear of God in the people`s hearts telling us that the Muslim-Brotherhood are terrorists and will kill us all. They show ElSisi as their the one and only savior who saved us from becoming another version of Afghanistan. They brainwashed the people here to the point that no one cares about the 16,000 people – not just Muslim-Brotherhood members but also journalists and secular activists – who have been arrested since July, or the mass death sentences for 1,200 prisoners so far including leaders of the Muslim-Brotherhood and young students under the age of 20.

I’ve written here that Egypt’s people want order and stability, not revolution. That doesn’t mean that what’s happening in Egypt is pretty or even acceptable. Ahmed Meligy’s trial is an example of the worst of it. Along with a campaign to keep him out of prison, those who care about Egypt need to work on a long-term project to bring liberal concepts into the society. Trying to impose them from above has failed again and again in this region.



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