Popular support for al-Sisi or personality cult?

Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal about Ramadan lanterns in the likeness of Egypt’s new president. The lanterns are decorations for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts around June 29. Usually they’re colorful, multi-sided creations in many sizes. A sign of the troubling economic times is…many are made in China!

The new al-Sisi models follow his election with 96 percent of the vote. Critics will call this a personality cult. I think, instead, it’s a sign of the high hopes the people have for their new president to turn the nation’s battered economy around and restore calm. Yet those goals are huge, and the steps needed are drastic. If he takes the needed measures, like significantly cutting subsidies, there will be widespread unrest. If he doesn’t, the economy will continue to sink. Either way, the al-Sisi honeymoon might not last long.

“normal” Ramadan lanterns

Ramadan lantern

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