Key Iraq cities falling to al-Qaida branch

Here’s an article by my friend @nancyayoussef about the sorry situation in Iraq. It’s a result of the ethnic conflict that a military operation, however big and long, can’t resolve and only makes worse. Those of us old enough might remember how Vietnam “fell” after the US pullout, and all of us can consider what is likely to happen in Afghanistan. Here’s a key paragraph:

But what limits U.S. intervention the most is the divisive political environment in Iraq, where Sunnis and Shiites continue to distrust one another. Many Sunnis is places like Fallujah and Mosul have passively supported ISIS and have accused (Prime Minister) Maliki of fueling sectarian tensions.

There are differences, but all this underscores the limits of military involvement. President Obama seems to get that. Of course, that makes him a wimpy liberal in the eyes of the manly, brave Republicans, who are prepared to fight every war to the last soldier, disregarding other options or what comes afterward.




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