US warns American citizens: Get out of Libya now!

The warning comes from the State Department in Washington, less than two years after Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed by Islamic extremists in Benghazi. Washington warns that American citizens would be targets for kidnapping and murder. It’s calling on its citizens to get out immediately, and cutting down its Embassy staff, too.

This is another example of Arab Spring gone wrong. The overthrow of dictator Moammar Ghadafi has transformed a nation run by a crazy ruler into a non-nation, fragmented into fiefdoms, controlled by rival militias, gradually and dangerously falling apart. There are many good, peaceful people in Libya, especially in the totally ineffective central government, but they are not in control.

It’s a cautionary tale to the West, which made so many faulty assumptions about what would happen when Mideast dictators were deposed and, patronizingly, what’s best for the people in this region.

At a time when the US administration is considering training Syrian rebels–and is apparently already doing so–let’s start asking whether that’s the right thing to do. I think not. 

The “Lavie Doctrine” of foreign policy, explained in Broken Spring, is — stay out of internal conflicts, and consider getting involved only if they spill across borders.


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