BDS should be ignored

The BDS movement is barely a mosquito bite on Israel’s thriving economy and culture. Just look at this list in today’s The Jerusalem Post | of top entertainers who are coming to Israel this summer. from the Rolling Stones to Back Street Boys and a few current ones, too. Jay Leno is here now, expressing his support of Israel every chance he gets. You don’t get much more mainstream than that.


I’m posting this to counter the statement by Cabinet Minister Tzipi Livni, who warns that Israel faces isolation because of this or that failing. I agree that settlement-building is silly (though Israel hasn’t sanctioned a new settlement in two decades), but tourism to Israel is breaking records month after month, exports are healthy, nothing is missing from the shelves. It seems to me that Israelis and their supporters abroad have a need to blow every little challenge way out of proportion. BDS, which just took a hard hit in yet another university vote (University of Washington), is not worth even mentioning, much less obsessing about.


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