ICYMI: Israel’s changing priorities

Peace with the Palestinians is not the top priority of Israelis. That emerged from the last general election. This is true even though it’s practically all the media write about. There’s a chapter in Broken Spring explaining why Israelis have soured on the “peace process.”.

Here’s the key question in the current “Peace Index” poll by Tel Aviv University. It shes that the top issues for two thirds of Israelis are economic:

11. Among the following goals, which in your eyes is the most important goal
for the government to promote today?
1. Reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians    8.7%
2. Reducing the socioeconomic gaps    47.4%
3. Creating housing solutions at affordable prices    21.4%
4. Strengthening Israel’s military power    10.4%
5. Improving Israel’s political status in the international community
6. Don’t know/Refuse    3.2%



Israel’s peaceful North


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