Egypt’s Al-Sisi doesn’t get it

Out of control subsidies have distorted Egypt’s society and are bankrupting the government. Yet in this interview with an Egyptian TV channel, reported by the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper. the shoo-in candidate for president, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, lists grandiose construction projects that rely on nonexistent foreign investment as the way to “jump” out of poverty–but not a word about subsidies. Only a military-backed government can tackle the subsidy catastrophe. If this report is accurate, it’s not even on the general’s radar. Much more on the issue in Broken Spring.,-not-walking,-out-of-Egypts-crisis-ElSisi-.aspx

El Sisi

(Al-Sisi campaign photo)

Al-Sisi pledges to maintain the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, says he would visit Israel if there is progress on the Palestinian issue. That underlines the quiet but crucial security cooperation between al-Sisi’s military and the Israeli army. He also refrains from criticizing the US over its partial suspension of aid to Egypt following the military coup that ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, showing that his head is screwed on better than some in Washington.


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