Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert convicted of bribery

This Jerusalem eyesore, called the Holyland project, is what brought down Ehud Olmert, the last Israeli prime minister to offer a viable Palestinian state, only to have the door slammed in his face. That was in 2008. In the meantime the Palestinians have explained that they couldn’t continue with the negotiations then because Olmert was in political trouble over scandals like this. It always seemed to me that Israel’s internal politics are not a factor for Palestinians if there’s a workable offer on the table. There are clearly other issues at play here. Olmert’s offer is not likely to come back around. Anything Israel offers now will be less. So what’s the point of the current negotiations, and all the drama about whether they will or won’t be continued? All these issues are covered in “Broken Spring,” for your reading pleasure. available as a full-color e-book on Amazon for all platforms.


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