Not targeting Israel

By now you’ve heard that a bomb exploded Wednesday near the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. If you read far enough down in the stories, you’d know that there has been no Israeli Embassy there, or anywhere else in Cairo, for more than two years. It still sounds “symbolic,” somehow…until you realize that the embassy was not a fancy villa with a garden and a wall–it was a few offices on the 17th floor of a huge high-rise. The bomb that exploded was nearer to the Saudi Embassy a block away. That’s a villa on a corner on street level. Saudi Arabia declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization last weekend. That’s more likely what the target was. It’s knee-jerk for media to describe events in an Israeli context. Many Egyptians do, too. This time the militants who set off the bomb might be frustrated, though–whatever message they were trying to send got lost in the automatic Israeli shuffle. Next timer, chances are they’ll be more “careful.” Read more soon in “Broken Spring.”


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